Saturday, March 21, 2009


Saturday, 3/21 – Long Run, 9.85 miles

Ever heard the saying, “Attitude is Everything”? I think it’s so true and my Saturday run proves it. By the time the hubby made it home from work, I needed a severe attitude adjustment about my run. I had spent most of the day at my parent’s waiting for some work to be done on my car at the nearby autoshop…it took MUCH longer than expected. Then, we had to make it to the grocery store and take care of things around the house. I was tired and grumpy and just not fun to be around by mid-afternoon. When it was time to run, I just kept thinking about how much I didn’t want to run. It was hot, I was not in the mood, blah, blah, yadda, yadda.

I finally got outside and started running only to start too fast and get winded right away. I decided to walk and almost turned around and went back inside the house, but I didn’t. I kept walking, because I knew eventually I would start running. And I did. It was hot and I was not having fun, but I kept going. There were a lot of negative thoughts going around my head and I wanted to stop and walk, but I kept friggin’ going. Not to say I didn’t take more walk breaks than normal, because I did.

I noticed that as I went on, my attitude got better. At first, I decided to quit after my 1st 3 mile loop. By the time I was done with it, I figured I could handle another one. By the time I was done with the 2nd loop, I decided that I could do one more. I told myself that I could stop after this one. By the end of the 3rd loop I decided “what the hell, just get in your 10!” By this time, I had picked up my pace and was actually in a better mood. So I decided on a little out and back that should get me the extra mile to make it 10….I must have not calculated my out and back at the end of my run correctly, because as I started to get closer to my house again I realized that I was short by a little. I decided that was okay today….I just wanted to be done!

It was ugly, but I did more than I thought I would. The t-shirts are true - running is my therapy! :-)

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Blessed with Boys said...

WOW Christy! Impressive attitude and workout!!! Remember how well you did next time you don't feel like running.