Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Achilles Update

Feeling better! Not great, but better. I can walk like a normal person now...even when I am not wearing heels. :-) Of course, I am still taking the mega-pills, so that helps.

I have an appointment for Thursday, but honestly it's not going to do much good before Saturday. In the meantime, I've been icing and stretching, and stretching and icing. I'm hopeful that if I take it easy or even walk the uphills, I might be alright. I'm just playing it by ear and will make my final decision on Friday afternoon. Whether I run or not, I will be enjoying the girls weekend in Bastrop!

3/31 - Spin Class - 1 hour
No problem with the achilles here. As usual, I sweated my arse off in this class and my legs fet like jello when we were done!

3/30 - P90X, Ab Ripper X - 15 minutes
Can't run, but I can work the core! I love feeling the burn in this short, but tough workout.

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