Friday, March 20, 2009

More workouts...

Thursday, March 19 -Spin Class, 1 hour & Swim, 50 minutes
Another fun, but grueling spin class during lunch! I hate the class, but yet I love it.

I met Katie at the outdoor pool after work. It's so much easier to be motivated when you have someone else there. Katie is doing much better than I am about consistently going back and forth from one side of the pool to the other....I still get winded and have to take a break every so often. WTF? I am seriously beginning to wonder if I am even going to make the 200m. I mean really, should it be this hard??? I might start practicing my doggie paddle, just in case.

Wednesday, March 18 - Treadmill Run, 30 minutes & P90X Ab Ripper X, 15 minutes
I procrastinated much less than I did on Monday and got on the treadmill as soon as the kiddos were tucked into their beds. I even decided to do the Ab Ripper X afterwards. Yay me!

Tuesday, March 17 - Spin Class, 1 hour & Swim, 50 minutes
It feels great to back into the swing of things after the mini-vacation. Spin class kicked my butt, so much so that I was sore on Wed!

Swim went well, but I had hoped to feel more confident with my swim after putting some of the things we learned at swim class into practice. Instead, it seemed harder to me...something about attempting to use proper form is really hard! :-) I am still having issues with the breathing and continue to feel out of breath pretty quickly. The nice thing - due to Spring Break there was almost no traffic and there were no swim classes! I made it to the pool in record time and all the lanes were open!!!


Vic said...

Hey, this summer, let's take that class the Cassie took to learn how to swim. What was it? Total Immersion? If I remember right, Cassie ended up teaching the class or being a teacher's pet or something. :)

TX Runner Girl said...

LOL, I soooo want to take that class Vic. I remember them asking Cassie why she was there - so funny!