Monday, March 30, 2009


Well, apparently Dr. P no longer treats achilles issues. That was okay, because he was booked for the week anyway. His associate, the other Dr. P, is available...


Don't these people know I have a race on Saturday? What the frick? LOL! Okay, so I guess I get to ice and continue my rx until then, and of course not run all week. I just hope the PT Man will be available to work some of his magic on Thursday! Although I know it will take more than one day to really do something magical. We're leaving on Friday, so Thursday is it.


Okay, that's enough ranting. All I have left to say is that I will get this 1/2 done, even if I'm walking it! BTW, this is the 2nd time I've had this injury. I had it back in 2005, when I was training for Houston (my 1st post-baby marathon). It was a week and a half before the 25k. I went in on a Thursday, got a rx for a corticosteriod and did my 1st ultrasound treatment. I did 3 more ultrasound treatments the following week and ran the 25k that weekend with no problems. Doesn't lool like I'll be getting in the same about of treatments this time. Sigh.

Not sure what I'm doing for my workout today. I was planning to ride the stationary bike at the gym during lunch, but once again, I have a working lunch. Oh the joy! So, maybe I'll do some P90X arms. I hate my bike trainer, so I doubt I'll be doing there's spin class tomorrow, so I'll save the biking for then.

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