Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I got a Garmin...

But, it's going back to the store tomorrow.

I just don't understand my men don't get the whole bargain shopping thing. Why buy something in a store just so you can have it right now, when you can buy it on-line for $70 less and have to wait a few days???? I used to not feel that way, but hellooooo tuition is due next week and we are on a budget! Okay, so this budgeting stuff is still new to us, so maybe that's it. I know you guys are reading this and thinking, "Jeesh, can't the girl just be happy her hubby was nice enough to get a freakin' Garmin and stop whining!" Sorry, but that's just me. I read the Dave Ramsey book and now I am focused! Sort of...if I was really focused, I wouldn't even get the Garmin. :-)

Anyway, I love our local running stores, I really do...but $250 for a Garmin 205? (With tax it's $270 and some change.) Honestly, I can get the Garmin 305 with shipping and everything for $261 here. The hubby just really, really wanted me to have it in time for the big race on Sunday. I think that's sweet...but I can wait, really I can.

So enough of that...today, I opted for the core workout instead of the run. I'll run tomorrow....outdoors, where the weather is AWESOME!

ETA: A note for Vic & June...I distinctly remember last year's race forecast being 60% chance of rain on the days leading up to the race. On race day, there were no clouds in sight. It was warmer that I would have liked, but overall it was a sunny, gorgeous day!

Workout Stats
Core Workout - 20 minutes

WW Stats
Total points consumed - 21
Activity points earned - 1
Flex point used - 0 (total of 10 of 35 used for the week)


Anonymous said...

Very cool about the Garmin!! I read Dave Ramsey as well and I am totally on the same page as you. A bargain is a bargain after all!! I can't wait to hear how you like it when you get it!

Vic said...

I'll never speak bad of Luke's 'cause that's my store but they take NOTHING off of retail for their Garmins. They don't even do the 10% discounts for Garmins. Careful buying online. You need to consider warranty and returns when doing that. Garmin works well with the stores and usually, the stores will take it back and then deal with Garmin for you.

Finish line sports gives 20% discount on their merchandise, including Garmins, for HARRA members. And mine had a short in it and they took it back and exchanged it for a new one, very few questions asked.

Anonymous said...

While it was a nice thought you don't want to add your new gadget for your race, you will want several training/easy runs to play with the settings and screens.

Do make sure and use a reputable online dealer but there are great deals to be had. I have even had great luck with ebay, or try Walmart site to store option, they have good pricing and you can return to the store.

Best of luck in your half marathon Sunday!

JustJunebug said...

if its gonna be warm, then dont show me any signs of a sun.

cloudy and rainy is fine to me. 26+ miles with the sun beating on me is not my idea of fun unless its 50 or below.

and while your optimism is nice, somehow i dont think we are going to outrun the rain.

Sarah said...

I got my Garmin from Electronica Direct (via Amazon, and the order was actually placed on Amazon).

You've got a well-intentioned hubby though! :)

Humble Runner said...

This weeks Wal-mart ad has the new-style garmin 205 for 179 bucks. I have an Aunt who works for WM and I was going to use her employee discount for a SUPER-DOPER price.

I hate WM, but cheap rules in my household. Plus, my bestest friends in the world saved me the whole ordeal!

TX Runner Girl said...

Hey Bill, I hate WM too, but I would go where the prices are good!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Instant gratification, like microwave popcorn...


Anonymous said...

Oooh. I don't think I want my husband to know about that Dave Ramsey book. No-ho-ho.

Anonymous said...


And you wouldn't want to use it for the race anyway - want to get to the weight of it and such before. It drove me nuts the first couple times I wore it but am more used to it now. And the heart rate monitor rubbed me raw in a few places. Talk about OUCH!!

DEBTective said...

Dollface, I'm big-time proud of you and your man for sticking to a budget and spreading the word about Dave Ramsey and debt freedom. Way to go on the dough, and good luck with the running, baby. And great job on the bargain shopping! www.debtective.com