Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Today is day 3 of the morning workouts. This morning I managed to do 40 minutes of core/strength training. In case you're wondering, my core workout consists of the following:
  • Stomach crunches (upper abs) - 12
  • Bent knee leg raises (lower abs) - 12
  • Twisting crunches (obliques) - 12
  • Bridge (transverse abdominals) - 30 seconds
  • Back extensions (lower back) - 12
  • Squats (glutes) - 12
  • Stationary lunges (quads) - 12
  • Plie Squats (hammies) - 12
  • Push-ups - 12 (I'm still skipping this one)
  • Dumbell rows (back) - 12
  • Overhead shoulder press (shoulders) - 12
  • Bicep curls (biceps) - 12
  • Tricep kick-backs or tricep press-backs (triceps) - 12 (I LOVE these!!!)

I try to do 2 sets of each, but when I am short on time I sometimes just do 1 set of each. If I had more time, I would go for 3. Also, weights can be added to all the various squats for more resistance. I found most of the exercises on the Abs Diet Workout, but a few were from the core sessions that Felix led after the Houston Fit speedwork and hill training. The exercises listed above don't actually take a full 40-minutes to do. However, with the Abs Diet Workout, a stretch is done after each exercise, which makes the entire routine longer. I like the stretches in between, because when you're doing the exercises above you are really contracting the muscles. Then, when you stretch, you are lengthening the muscles again and giving yourself a little recovery time before the next exercise.

Other than this workout, not much is going on. Work is busy with end of year reports, annual performance reviews and all that fun stuff. Reading for my 2 classes is taking up any free time. Last semester, I was in Accounting hell....this semester it will be Stat hell! Well, not exactly Stat. It's called "Quantative Methods for Management Decision Making"...sounds exciting, huh? It's more of the operational side of stat and applying it to business decisions. At the current moment, I am in probablity hell. The stat prof admitted that it was not an easy class. In fact, my Marketing prof cringed when we told her the other class our cohort was taking this semester and then told us that she'd have to take it easy on us. Yikes!

Workout Stats

(What's up with this double spacing?)

Core workout - 40 minutes


Anonymous said...

I recently discovered the same thing about stretching in between core exercises. It seems to make the next set much more tolerable, doesn't it?

Day Dreamer said...

I liked that breakdown of what you do for your core workouts.

That is something I will definitely need to incorporate into my workout regime in addition to the running.

Putting that in your post only inspires me more. :)

And good luck with overall school hell. :) I'm not jealous AT ALL that you're taking classes and having homework.