Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Post-race catch up

Wow, is it Wednesday already? It's hard to believe that the week is 1/2 over already. Not much has been going on since the 1/2 Marathon on Sunday. I have been reading all the awesome race reports from Sunday's marathon. Thanks so much for posting those, they are so inspiring!

Let's see...I went to work on Monday. I was suprised to find that my hip flexors and hammies were tight in the morning and even tighter after sitting through a 2 hour meeting at work. That night, I did about 20 minutes of brisk walking to loosen things up. Yesterday, the soreness was gone and I did 20 minutes of core workout after putting the kiddo to bed. I'm going to shoot for a 3-mile run tonight on the treadmill.

Hopefully by tomorrow, this rainy weather will be gone! It's getting a bit old. Especially when I can't turn on the news without hearing the "Severe Weather Alert" that is the "breaking news story". Puuullleeeeaassseee! Although, I do have to admit that I was hoping for an "ice" day at work. No such luck though...but, the kiddo did get the day off from school and is probably still running around in her warm footie pajamas. Lucky kid!

Saturday, it's back to school for me. I am both dreading it and excited at the same time. I did not accomplish anything I wanted to do during the break. My Stephen King book is still only 1/2 read, I only managed the 2-a-days for about 5 days, I've only lost 1.2 lbs, my closet is still an unorganized mess, I didn't drink nearly enough wine and I did not catch up on all the movies I wanted to see. I did get to spend my evenings with the kiddo and hubby, which of course is what it's all about! :-)

Stay warm out there!

Workout Stats
Monday - 20 minutes walking on treadmill (1.4 miles)
Tuesday - 20 minute core workout

WW Stats
I fell of the wagon, but managed to climb back on today.


Anonymous said...

Belated congrats on your half marathon. I had to chuckle about your weather statements, given I just blogged about something similar here.

And I wouldn't say you didnt' accomplish anything you wanted to, just different items than on your original list. Stay positive...and on the wagon!

Anonymous said...

I hope it dries up for you soon! We had cold weather for us and it's finally getting back to normal.

Humble Runner said...

It's just after midnight and I might be the FIRST to sih you a happy birthday.

Is this a new AG for you?

Day Dreamer said...

I had no idea, but Happy B-day to ya!! :)

Good that it only took a day to work out the soreness. Falling off the wagon, while frustrating, sure can be fun sometimes, huh? :P

I liked the "I didn't drink nearly enough wine"... LOL.

So, what's the next race on the calendar?