Monday, January 29, 2007

Whirlwind weekend...

This weekend was fun, but way busier than I'd like.

Friday after work I went to a social for my school's "Graduate Student Association". This was the 1st time I've attended one of these social events. It always seems like I have a test the next day, or the hubby and I have other plans. It was fun to mingle with the other grad students and profs. I am hoping to be more active with this organization and make the most of everything the grad school experience has to offer.

Saturday, I had class from 8 - 5. Afterwards, I met a few girlfriends for dinner and a movie. I was actually thinking about not going, but the hubby assured me that he and the kiddo could survive for a few more hours without me...of course, that didn't stop the mommy-guilt from kicking in about the time the kiddo's bedtime rolled around. Despite that, I had a great time catching up with all the happenings in my friend's lives. We had yummy Tex-Mex at Cyclone Anaya' know me - any excuse for a margarita! Then, we went to see "The Departed". It was a great movie and Leonardo DiCaprio was amazing. I've always thought he was a cutie, but never thought of him as a serious actor until "The Aviator". Then, I thought it was just a fluke, but he proved himself once more in The Departed. One word of is very violent in a Sopranos or Reservior Dogs kind of way. I used to not mind all the violence so much. However, since becoming the parent (or maybe it's me getting older), I seem to have less of a tolerance for that stuff. But, overall, it is a well-written, well-acted movie and I can understand all the Oscar hype.

Sunday, Kay and I met at Memorial Park for an 8-mile run. The weather was awesome!!! I hadn't watched the news in a few days, so I was caught off guard by the low temps (39!). I had to run back inside the house to get a long sleeve shirt and gloves. The one thing I learned from yesterday's run - the Garmin works great...when you remember to start the timer! Doh! We ran 8 miles starting at the tennis center to Memorial to Waugh (via Memorial) and back (via Allen Parkway). On the way back to the park, I made a quick pit stop at Starbucks. As I was waiting to use the bathroom, I stopped the timer. I didn't realize that I forgot to start it again until we were almost at Crestwood. Whoops! Again, I feel like I was running at a much better pace thanks to Kay. If I were by myself, I know I would have run slower or taken more walk breaks.

The rest of Sunday was spent with the family. The kiddo and I went to playgroup and the grocery store, then my sister-in-law and nephews stopped by. The oldest nephew is gearing up to run track again this year and may join me for a few 5K or 10K races this Spring. It's great to have another runner in the family!

Running Stats
Location - Memorial Park
Conditions - 40 w/no humidity
Total run time - approx 1 hr, 33 min
Total distance - 8.39
Pace - 11:05


Vic said...

nice running, girl.

Anne said...

I'm glad someone else finds 39 degrees to be "low temp." I've heard very good things about that movie too.

JustJunebug said...

hey by any chance are you Strider'ing it on Wednesday at 7???