Thursday, January 04, 2007

What happened?

to my sweet little girl? She was replaced tonight with a screaming, crying, kicking little squirt!

I ended up going to WW tonight before picking her up at my parent's house. More on that later...when we arrived home it was time for her to go to bed. When I even began to mention that it was bed time, time to put on pj's, change the diaper, etc. she would throw a fit. Not just the crying kind, but a throw yourself on the floor, go limp as a ragdoll, then kick your legs wildly screaming "I don't want it!" kind. Finally, by about 9:30 she had worn herself out and fallen asleep. Luckily, this doesn't happen often....guess I will not change our schedule by going to a weeknight WW meeting anymore. :-)

Last night, I stayed up too late reading, which meant no AM workout for me this morning. I'm reading Stephen King's final installment of the Dark Tower Series, called "The Dark Tower". I really want to have it finished before school starts on the 20th. It's one of those books I have been meaning to read all year, but studying got in the way. So, yes, I slept in a bit. I will make up for it tomorrow with an AM core workout, rather than taking the day off as originally planned.

I decided to go to WW today, because Saturday is going to be busy for me. I know I have really gotten off track with my eating since Chicago, so I guessed that I might have gained 5 lbs. Although I secretly hoped it was only 2-3 pounds. At the same time, I was also terrified that it might be 10 lbs! Unfortunately, I was right...I have gained 5 lbs in a little more than 2 months! Actually, it was 5.4 lbs to be exact. Grrrrr...........................................................................................I am trying not to let it get me down and trying not to get disgusted with myself...I know I can lose it again, but it sucks to have to lose that just to get back where I was and then still have that last 5.6 lbs to lose. Not to mention that I am a WW lifetime member who has been paying for WW for 2 years now, trying to lose the same 10-12 lbs. Of course I didn't think about that when I was busy stuffing my face with all that holiday crap. So yes friends, this runner girl now weighs 146...again! My goal weight (per WW) is 135. So, I need to re-group and make sure that I stay on track this time. Realistically, with a 1 - 2 lb/week loss I can get rid of the weight in just a couple of months. Even with a 1 lb/week loss, I can be there by spring break...I guess I just need to keep the "big picture" in mind. On the bright side, I discovered the new WW "Sweet & Salty" snack bars...they are so yummy and only 2 points! I should have bought 2 boxes!!!

Tonight, I planned a very easy walk/run for 30-45 minutes. However, by the time I made it to the treadmill it was 9:40, so I settled for a whopping 20 minutes. A majority of that was walking...anything to keep the shin quiet. Earlier, I was looking at my WW points booster, which tells me how many extra points I earn for working out. It's based on my weight and the intensity of the activity. If I walk (a "moderate intensity" activity) for 30 minutes, I only earn 1 point! I think I may earn a little more than that ifI am truly "power" walking. But, if I run for 30 minutes (a "high intensity" activity), I earn 3 points. Hmmm, I knew there was a reason I liked to run!

Workout Stats
Conditions - treadmill while watching ER
Total workout time - 20 minutes
Pace - 13.55

WW Stats
Total Pts Consumed - 27 (OMG! Can we say "Oink"?)
Activity Pts earned - 1
Flex Pts used - 6 (out of 35 for the week)


Barbara said...

I've never gone to WW so I don't really get how that whole points thing works. Actually, I don't focus on my weight but instead on my body fat %.

When that's out of whack (because I carry a lot of muscle just because of my inherent body type) then my weight goes up along with it.

Day Dreamer said...

gotta love the screaming kid at bedtime. And you got the benefit that comes along with it...they wear themselves out. :)

Keep taking care of that shin.

Anonymous said...

I did WW last January and loved it but I did the Core and could NOT stick to it. Good for you getting back to it! Sorry about the screaming kiddo...we have one of those here every now and then!

Vic said...

I think wifey poo is starting WW next Monday. I hope she likes it.

Pony said...

Thanks so much for sharing your WW stats. I lost 65 lbs on WW and will have kept it off 3 years in May. I never joined or went to any meetings, just bought the books and calculator off of ebay and started strictly following it.

I stopped measuring and weighing food and writing things down several months ago and a couple pounds have crept back on. So when I saw your stats posted, it motivated me to start measuring and writing down again. Thanks for helping me get back on track!!!