Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Two-a-days - Day 2

Today's 2 a day program consisted of a 20-minute aerobic workout this morning. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, so I checked out my cable's "On-Demand" exercise programs and found a cardio workout that sounded like fun. There was quite a bit of bouncing and hopping involved, and by the time I was done my left shin was feeling achey. I noticed this ache yesterday, but just blew it off. It's certainly gotten my attention today.

After work and after getting the kiddo to bed, I decided to hit the treadmill. Since the shin pain has decided to linger all day, I decided power walking would have to do. So, I walked for 20 minutes...the most incredibly boring 20-minutes ever! For some reason, time passes more quickly when I'm running. Even watching the "America's Next Top Model" marathon didn't make the time pass more quickly....20-minutes was about all I could handle.

I am also back on the Weight Watchers again as of today! I haven't been to a meeting since the week after I returned from Chicago and to be honest, I haven't eaten well since then either. I'm a bit afraid of going to weigh in on Saturday, but I need to know exactly where I stand after the holidays!

Tomorrow - AM core workout am/PM running (possibly at the park)

Workout 1
Total workout time - 20 minutes
Type - Cardio

Workout 2
Total Workout time - 20 minutes
Type - Treadmill Walk

WW Stats
Total pts allowed - 20
Additional activity pts earned - 2
Total points consumed - 22


Day Dreamer said...

I admire anyone who can do treadmill running/walking...b/c I certainly can't.

Sending good thoughts your way for the shin to help it get better.

Holiday weight.... if you did what I did and mixed in a lot of tamales, sugar cookies, and a surprising number of hot wings, then yeah, it might be a bit intimidating to get on the scale this soon after the holidays. :)

Vic said...

I hate to admit it but I gained a couple of pounds over the past 2 weeks. NOT GOOD going into the marathon. Guess it could have been worse.

Anonymous said...

I stepped on the scale on Jan 1 and even though I gained 3 lbs over the holidays - I am so glad it wasn't more!! I was kind of worried! But it shouldn't be too hard to take off, along with all the other lbs I want to drop!

Hope the knee is better soon.

Barbara said...

I don't know why I didn't put on weight, after eating all my mom's yummy food - I certainly deserved to.

I've never seen the videos on demand (we have DISH). I need to check that out for days that I'm looking to mix things up a bit. That sounds cool.