Sunday, January 21, 2007

Weekend Catch Up

Why is it that there never seems to be enough time during the weekend to get everything done?

Friday, it took awhile to get the kiddo to bed and I had several things on my to-do list before school on Saturday. So, I ran/walked 26:30 minutes...2 slow miles. The shin was achey, so in an effort to rest it, I opted to walk most of that time. I was hoping less impact will help. Next, I iced it for about 15 mintues.

Saturday was my rest day. I was in class from 8 am until about 4:30 pm, then needed to do some grocery shopping, so there was little time for anything else. I have to give a big CONGRATS to my hubby though. He and his kayak fishing team managed to take 1st & 2nd place in a fishing tournament! His big catch of the day, and possibly the year was this 8 lb trout...

Sunday, I managed to get up and meet fellow Houston Fit-er, Kay, at the park. Kay just shaved off 40 minutes from her 2006 marathon time and finished last week in 5:03! I was suprised she was so eager to run, as I usually veg out the week after and maybe run 3 miles the following weekend. (Yes, I am usually a big slacker for at least 1 week!) Of course, I was eager to run outdoors, because I wanted to try out my new toy - my Garmin! We ran 6 miles at a pace that felt faster than the sluggish pace I have become accustomed to in the past month or so. Sure enough when checking my Garmin, we had run at a 10:30 pace! Thanks Kay for getting my butt moving faster again! The shin did protested a bit during the 1st mile, but after than it was pretty quiet. I hope that's a good sign. And I love the Garmin. I'm sure I will love it more once I figure out how everything works.

Later, the kiddo and I went to play group, then had lunch with my friend Amy. Amy just walked/jogged the 1/2 for the 2nd time and I just found out that she may also be doing the 1/2 in Austin. Looks like we might have quite a few Houston folks representing H-town!

Workout Stats

Friday - 26:30 on treadmill - 2 miles

Sunday - Memorial Park - 1:00:57 - 5.9 miles - 10:30 pace


Barbara said...

Wow! That's a heckuva fish!

If you come across something on your Garmin that doesn't make sense, post something on your blog and you're sure to get several responses.

My newest favorite is this average overall pace (not just for the last mile). # 1 that is the question I get from other people that I run with. That was a Vic suggestion on his blog not too lon ago.

TX Runner Girl said...

Thanks Barbara! I remember reading that on Vic's blog too and it seems to be very helpful.

Vic said...

OMG!!! Besides getting my pilot's license, my DREAM is to have a kayak to go fishing in. I may give up running with the boat I want. It's a Tarpon 160i, outfitted to the hilt. If I ever realize my dream, your husband may become my new best friend.

Awesome catch, dude! And awesome run dudette.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the run! Hope that shin heals up soon.

Condrats to your husband on an awesome catch!

Another twentysomething said...

Ah, the weekend game of catchup. You seem to squeeze so much fun and so many smiles out of it. Congrats girl!

Anonymous said...

Great job getting it all done this weekend! Awesome run!