Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday, Monday

Jeeze it's hard to work a full, five-day work week after having 2 short weeks in a row. Lucky for me, I am taking a 1/2 day on Friday. Wooohooo!

I was undecided about the 2-a-day thing this week. On one hand, I figured since I was running the 1/2 that I could go ahead with the 2-a-days. (If I was running the full, I would be tapering and just following the Houston Fit schedule.) On the other hand, I thought that since I have been having so many little aches and pains, that I should take it easy this week. No sense in making things worse and possibly not running at all on Sunday. The final decision - compromise...I will complete one workout each day. Monday, Tuesday & Thursday will be the scheduled Houston Fit runs. Wednesday and Friday will be my core workout days. I will take it easy on Saturday and stay off my feet. Oh, and I will ice my shins every night as I watch TV.

Yes, this runner girl is planning to get lots of crap TV in over the next 2 weeks after the kiddo is in bed and the hubby is at work. I don't get to watch much TV when school is in session, so my plan is to OD over the next 2 weeks...Apprentice, Grey's, ER, Heroes re-runs, Grease, and heck, I may even stoop to an all new low and watch some "My Super Sweet Sixteen" or that new dance reality show on MTV. I know, I sounds super lazy, but I will still get in some good running and plenty of quality time with the hubby and kiddo.

I am also debating about running with the fuel belt on Sunday. I've always worn it when I've run a full marathon, mainly because I could hydrate during my scheduled walk breaks. It worked well for me, because I didn't have to take an extra walk break during my 5-minute run. However, the 1/2 is a completely different creature. And, I haven't run an official 1/2 marathon since 2002. That was back when I had no clue what a fuel belt was and it was the longest distance I had ever run. Hell, I was still wearing cotton socks and shirts and I thought gu was some weird green stuff my nephews liked to play with. I think it will just depend on the weather. If it's warm and muggy, I may carry my amphipod bottle so I can hydrate whenever I want. If it's cool, I will probably just go with the race water stations.

One thing I don't have to debate is when to celebrate by upcoming birthday. It's not until next Thursday, but since I am running the 1/2 on Sunday and earning approximately 13 GLORIOUS WW ACTIVITY POINTS, I am going to use that day to celebrate! Yea me! :-) No sense letting those extra points go to waste. You see, those activity points have to be consumed on the same day you earned them. Since I seriously doubt that I will be running another 13.1 miles on Thursday, I think that it's a great plan. Pappasito's here I come...get out the maragaritas!

As I am typing this, the weather forecast is on and I am trying my hardest to ignore it. Unfortunately, I can't! Frank says a temp of 50 with 50% chance of rain...go away Frank, go away! :-)

Running Stats
Conditions - treadmill
Total run time - 35 minutes EASY
Total distance - 2.91 miles
Pace - 12.01

WW Stats
Total points consumed - 26 (too many IMO)
Activity points earned - 3
Flex point used - 3 (total of 10 used for the week)


bunnygirl said...

Yeah, I'm trying not to let the weather reports freak me out, either. As of 48 hours ago, they were predicting 73 and cloudy, so I'm not too worried... yet. They almost never guess it right this far out.

JustJunebug said...

frank is pretty darn good with the i feel certain he is on the money....hes been right every long run/race so far anyway.

i too was debating the fuel belt for my full. but i hate the thing cause its too big on me and i am constantly adjusting it and it takes too much energy. with stations 1.5 miles apart i have decided i wont need it and have found a place to stash a bottle of powerade for me once i hit AP (just in case) :)

TX Runner Girl said...

Good idea about stashing the gatorade! I really don't want to lug by belt around.

Barbara said...

I don't normally wear my fuel belt during races (at least the ones I know have good water stations).

Happy Birthday ahead of time! Our family has a gazillion birthdays in January - we're celebrating the whole month it seems.