Saturday, January 06, 2007

Playing Catch Up

I managed to squeeze in a core workout since I didn't get a chance to do workout #2 on Thursday. I didn't do as well on WW today...DH ordered pizza for him and the kiddo and I didn't have many healthy dinner options on hand, so I opted for 1 slice of pizza and 1 breadstick. Still too many points, but much better than the 2 slices of pizza and 2+ breadsticks I would normally eat.

I met up with the Houston Fit red group for our final group run of the season. We were running 6 miles to the Rose Garden and back. I felt really sluggish for the 1st couple of miles. I listened to the conversations around me, but didn't really contribute to any. By the time our group made it to Troon, I was feeling better. For the remainder of the run I ran with Kurt, another red grouper. We chatted about our plans after the marathon, New Year's eve, etc. It helped make the run go faster and helped take my mind off the nagging pain in my left shin and lower back. The pain was never bad enough to make me want to stop, but both areas definitely made themselves known.

As we were heading back to Shepherd on Kirby, I think I saw fellow blogger Steve B! Of course, I didn't realize it was him until he had already passed...yep, I still wasn't awake. Then, as we were heading back on Memorial, I was passed by another blogger - Jamoosh! He and the Yello Fever crew were cruising back to the park too. I wasn't sure if it was him, so after he gave everyone a friendly greeting, I asked him if he had a blog....sure enough, it was him! Great to meet ya!

So that was it...all of the LRs leading up to the Houston Marathon are done! Congrats to everyone who made it this far! I could not train as well as I wanted during finals and thought I could make up for it in the past few weeks. Instead, my LRs have been slow and sluggish. Because of this, I have decided to just run the 1/2 Marathon like any other LR. I will just go out there, run my 5/1s and have fun. If I feel like thankful for a great year of running!

The rest of my Saturday was crazy busy. I had a great breakfast with Kay and some other red group folks. I definitely ate all 7 of the WW points I earned with the morning's run. Then, I headed to the grocery store. Next, I went home and made myself presentable again so the hubby, kiddo and I could head the the boat show. I love the boat show! Afterwards, we ate a quick dinner at Chili's, relaxed at home for a bit and then went to the Aeros game. The hubby and I love hockey! This was the kiddo's 2nd game and she had a blast. She had fun dancing to the music and just taking it all in. Unfortunately, the Aeros lost...but it was still a great time. Next weekend, we're taking the kiddo to see the Doodlebops at Toyota Center...that should be very interesting. :-)

Running Stats
Conditions - 60 & very humid
Total distance - 6 miles
Total run time - 1:13
Pace - 12:13 (hmmm...I'm getting slower)

WW Stats
Didn't do too bad either day...I will post pts again starting Monday


Midnight Show x0 said...

Hey there!

I stumbled upon your blog about going to go see the Doodlebops. That's great!! You guys are going to LOVE the show, its awesome!!

Anyways, I was wondering if you would take some pictures from the show that I could put in my Doodlebops website's gallery, with all credit to you of course. My site is if you would like to check it out.

Hope to hear from ya, take care!

-- Stephanie*

Midnight Show x0 said...

btw, you can contact me via e-mail here:

Thanks for your time!

-- Stephanie*

Barbara said...

I could've written that same post from Saturday. The conversations, the sleeping while running....

Good news is I'm not as burned out this year at this point as I was last year. Last year by this week I was just ready for it to be over.

Hopefully I'll see you Sunday! Which day are you picking up your packet?

TX Runner Girl said...

Hey Barbara, I'll be picking up my packet on Friday afternoon. How about you?

Vic said...

Christy, hope to see you at the expo. Planning on getting there about 11:45 or so.

Humble Runner said...

I just saw something interesting. You and I started our blog about one week apart.

.... Technically I started my first, so I'm the elder.


... of course your the elder of marathon experience.

Anonymous said...


Yes, quite likely you saw Steve B. We did the River Oaks Run clockwise starting from Memorial Park at 7am. He was in a pack of 9 dudes. We did the Crestwood/Blossom/Sandman/Shepherd/Kirby/Tiel/Kirby/Shadder/Kirby/Lazy Lane thing.


Anonymous said...


I always wanted to be DeeDee Doodlebop...she just has so much fun singing and bopping around. LOL Aww..the stuff we do for our kids.

I like your race strategy. Good luck and just enjoy!

Barbara said...

I'm going to head to the GRB around lunch on Friday also. I'm thinking I might have to take my camera so I can get pics with all the various bloggers who will be there!