Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Yadda, Yadda

I'll be picking up the new bike today...woohoo!!!

Workout Stats

Tuesday, 1/6/09 - Treadmill Run, 30 minutes
I seriously didn't think I would get this run in, because the kiddo just would not go to sleep. First, I had to get her a band-aid (for a non-existant cut on her ankle), next I had to get some Tylenol (because she's having growing pains and her feet hurt), then she was scared (so I had to lay with her for a minute), next she had to go potty (she really did!), and finally she wanted her Pooh blanket (because she's already tired of sleeping on her princess sheets). Again, I thank God that the Munchkin is a good sleeper!

Oh, and the bike is now safely parked in out garage. :-)

Monday, 1/5/09 - P90X - Pylometrics
Okay, I usually like this workout even if it is a killer workout...but, when I'm feeling tired and not really feeling like working out, I hate it! Mainly because it is a killer workout! It kicked my ass yesterday. But, it felt good when it was all done and I was glad I did it. I even had a little time afterwards for a little TV - The City is looking pretty interesting! What can I say, watching trash TV is my one guilty pleasure!

Sunday, 1/4/09 - P90X, Shoulders & Arms - 60 minutes
I think this is my favorite of all the P90X workouts! Lots of good ol' arm-killing exercises using the weights....first the shoulders, then the biceps and then the triceps! Gotta love that!

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Barbara said...

I ordered a Wii Fit which should be in later this week. Everyone keeps promising me it's a great workout. It should be interesting to see if I feel the same or if I've wasted my money.

Our 10 year old always went straight to bed (when she was a baby the problem was getting her to stay asleep). Last night the 5 year old kept asking if I would stay with him "all day".

It's so much fun just to stay and cuddle with them for a while, but 2 of us in a twin bed "all day"? No way!