Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wanna place some bets?

Wanna place bets on what the temp will be on Sunday morning???

Right now, says the low will be 47. predicts 52.

I wish we could be sure, since it seems to be changing faster than I change my mind about what to have for lunch. It sure makes choosing a race day outfit a challenge!


Tiggs said...

Re: The scheduling-- this is why I am afraid to have children! LOL!

It seems like you can still do the tradmill after the kids go to bed thing....your hubbyw ill prob be watching TV anyway if he is like mine! LOL!

Actually, the first thing that came to my mind was 1) get up at 4AM and treadmill it or run around the neighborhood til he has to leave at 5.
2) join a gym that has child care and drop them in while you run/bike/swim at the gym
3) ask your mom to hire someone to come over on Saturday or Sunday AM each week for a couple of hours while you get in your run. You might not be able to get someone to come super early, but if you could get out the door by 8 that should be ok even when it is hot...right??

I already know I'm going to have to figure this out too when we have kids!

Viv said...

Hey Christy good luck this weekend!! I sent you an email of to where I will be cheering on and what supplies I will have on hand. I will be there with Margo. looking forward to giving you some cowbell girl!

TX Runner Girl said...

Wooohoo Viv, I can't wait for the cowbell!!!

Jamoosh said...

Good luck tomorrow!