Saturday, January 03, 2009

Say hello to my little friend...

Yep, I finally bought a bike! Yay me!

Not exactly what I had originally had in mind - especially the color scheme - but it was in the price range I had set (even if it was at the higher end of it...which for some folks who are really, seriously into cycling was still pretty conservative). I had originally thought I was going to get this one a very base model Cannondale. I went to another store where I considered the same in Trek and Specialized. Then we moved on to another store and I considered this one and then this one. Then, the hubby spotted the "Bumble Bee" up above and it was all over...honestly, I thought the hubby wanted it more than I did, LOL! I am really bad at spending money...I kept going back to the one I looked at before. Even as they were putting on the shorter stem and adjusting everything (thanks Performance Bikes!), I kept going through this conversation with myself:

Practical Self: If I buy the cheaper one, I would still have money for a trainer and a wet suit and maybe even the entry fee...besides, it's more bike than I need!

Spendy Self: Yeah, but this one has better wouldn't have to upgrade anything. Ever.

Practical Self: But, it's on the high end of my range. I will eventually want shoes and clipless pedals!

Spendy Self: You know you want it! Think of it as an investment!

Practical Self: And then there's the Y membership for swimming, swim lessons, etc...gee this stuff can add up (hyperventilating)

Spendy Self: Okay, yeah, you need some swimming help. But, you've been waiting forever to get a bike!

Practical Self: Told ya so! And what if I want to join a club?

Spendy Self: Shut up and fork over the money! You can rent a wet suit! You can wait on the shoes and pedals, besides the hubby has cages you can use in the meantime...get the friggin' bike already!

In the end, Spendy Self won. :-) And, I will be revisiting Uncle Dave and his book! LOL!


Sarah said...

Ooooh, yay! So exciting! I love new bikes. Can't wait to see you at a tri this year...

Blessed with Boys said...

I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to get back out there!

Tiggs said...

OHHHH!! PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love your new bike!!!!

what size bike shoes do you wear?

Sarah said...

Cassie made me think -- I've got an extra pair of bike shoes as well. They're size 11. (I'm a bigfoot.) Let me know if that fits you.