Saturday, January 03, 2009

Cycling & Running

Saturday, 1/3/2009 - Wfit run, 8.6 miles
Today's trainingg schedule called for an 8-miler with Wfit. It was a nasty 70 degrees, with about 100% humidity and it sucked! At first, the warmth and humidity felt stiffling...almost like I had a ton of bricks on my shoulders. Ugh...and to think in August and September a 70 degree day felt cool! Fortunately, things got better as the run went on and we managed to finish without any problems. The knee is absolutely fine! Here's to hoping for a nice, cold 1/2 marathon day in 2 weeks and no knee pain!

Friday, 1/2/2009 - Cycling, 15 miles
Trying to take advantage of the day off from work, I met up with fellow Wfitters and tri-girls-in-training (Jennifer, Kelly and Katie) for a bike ride. Kelly (the seasoned tri-girl in our group) showed us a supa sweet place to ride - thanks Kelly!!! We rode 3 laps of the 5-mile route and called it a day. It's been over a month since my last bike ride thanks to the time change, so it took a little while to get those cycling muscles going. I'm still riding my borrowed mountain bike with slicks, so it was tough keeping up with Kelly and Jennifer (especially on the "hills")! I learned a valuable lesson when Kelly let Katie and I try out her road bike - GET A FRIGGIN' ROAD BIKE ALREADY!!! I was huffing and puffing getting up the hills on my bike, but when I was riding Kelly's bike, it was so freaking easy to get up the hills! I had no idea there would be so much of a difference! Why, oh why didn't I get a road bike last year when I had the chance? Fortunately, I am ready to get my bike and WILL get it in the next week - that's a promise!

Have a great weekend!

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