Sunday, January 11, 2009


Dang it was cold this morning!

I met up with riding buddies, Jennifer, Katie and Kelly, for a ride this morning and learned a valuable lesson - cold weather clothing for running is completely different than cold weather clothing for cycling! I could definitely use a windbreaker and some arm warmer-thingies, as well as some long cycling pants and good pair of full cycling gloves! Today, I wore a short sleeve running shirt, long sleeved running shirt, a fleece top, and my cycling shorts with my running capris over them. While I think I had enough layers on to keep my body warm, I really, really need the full gloves and something to keep my toes warm because my fingers and toes were cold to the point where it was painful! Even when I stopped at the Starbucks drive-thru afterwards I was much so that I had a hard time getting my fingers to work enough to get my change out of my wallet! I think it tool me most of the drive home to start feeling warmer.

But, it was a great ride and a lot of fun so it was worth braving the cold! And, I am loving the new bike! We rode 15 miles with an average pace around 12 mph...not bad for a bunch of freezing girls on brand new bikes. Even with the new bike, I couldn't keep up with Kelly and Jennifer! Looks like it's time for me to get my butt into some spin classes! :-)

As always, I am obsessed with the weather for Sunday. So far, gives the following prediction:

Jan 18
Few Showers

Hopefully, those "few showers" hold off until later in the day!

Workout Stats

Saturday, 1/10 - Wfit run, 5.9-miles, 1:01 hrs, 10:20 pace
It's the last run before the 1/2 next how time has flown! It seems like just yesterday when we went on our 1st run - a 2-miler in the summer heat over July 4th weekend. We've come a long way! The pace was great...we must have all eaten our Wheaties. :-) When we started our run, it was 70 degrees out...when we finished, it was in the 50's! Crazy!
Friday, 1/9 - Bike ride - 1 hour, 10 mph pace

Rode with Kristi near work. Just trying to get used to the new bike and catch up with Kristi, so it was a slow ride. :-)


Viv said...

Yea glad you got to take the new bike out for a great spin! Yep super cold morning for cycling no doubt...

Barbara said...

Phooey. I tried to respond to this yesterday when I was sitting in my car at the park.

It was very chilly out there! Oh that reminds me, I still haven't downloaded my watch....

So far the temps for Sunday are looking really good!

Sarah said...

You're braver than me! I don't ride outside if it's colder than about 65! :)