Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Long" Hilly Run Mishap

Workout Stats: Saturday, 1/31 – Long Run, 8 miles

The plan was 8 miles, but I didn’t quite make it. I parked at a shopping center in The Woodlands, so I could run to what’s known as the hilliest street in The Woodlands and get in some good hills to help prepare for the upcoming Zooma ½ in Bastrop. I was looking for a large intersection to get to this hilly street…what I didn’t know is that from where I was at, the hilly street didn’t have a large intersection. So, I ran and ran on the greenbelt until I was in between people’s backyards! Hmmmm, this didn’t look right…but since I still don’t know The Woodlands very well, I just kept going. I had to really be aware of the different landmarks, so I could be sure I’d find my way back. After awhile, I realized that I had made a loop…so I did the loop one more time before heading back to my car.

I debated about what to do…I had only run about 4 ½ miles and no hills! I certainly wasn't ready to head home. So, I decided I would find the hilly street, dammit! I hopped in my car and headed in the direction that I had run….imagine my surprise (and embarrassment) when I realized that I had actually crossed said hilly street, not once but twice. That’s a “DOH!” moment if I ever heard of one. So, I found a place to park and hit the hills. I was running out of time, so I just did 1 ½ miles out and back for a total of 3 miles of hills…or a total of 7 ½ miles.

At least now I know where the hills are and I know where to park! What I did find odd was when I ran the non-hilly section, my pace was 11:38. On the hills, my pace was 11:07! How'd that happen???

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