Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Here are my workouts for the past couple of days...

Monday, 1/26 - Cycling, indoors, 30 minutes
Last night the kiddo was just not cooperating with bedtime. She wanted to look at a book until she felt tired. Okay no problem. I went downstairs, got my stuff ready for the next day, changed into my workout clothes, got the bike set up on the trainer and started pedaling.

5 minutes later...."MOMMY!!!" The kiddo wasn't tired and wanted to play her video games (V-Smile hand held thingy). Okay, no problem. I got her games and went back downstairs.

10 minutes later..."MOMMY!!!" Now, she just wants to tell me that she's not tired and doesn't want to go to bed. I try to explain that she can look at her books, play the V-Smile, play with her babies, or lay there until she's tire...but, she cannot get out of bed! I *think* we've come to an understanding, so I head back downstairs.

5 minutes later...I hear crying on the monitor. I head upstairs to see what's wrong. She wants to watch a movie...she's been earning quarters for every night she doesn't wake up in the middle of the night...she's up to 5 quarters and at the end of each week she gets to spend her quarters at the Dollar Tree. She tells me that she really, really wants to watch a movie. I tell her that if she watches a movie, she'll lose 2 of her quarters. She's fine with that. The hubby arrives home from Hapkido and heads for the shower.

5 minutes later...I hear crying on the monitor again. Ugh, I head back upstairs to find out what's wrong. Somehow I proceed to hurt her feelings (her words, lol). So, I spend a few minutes trying to console her when the baby starts crying! Luckily, the hubby was out of the shower and was kind enough to take over and I'm finally able to finish my ride.

So, 1 hour to complete a 30 minute ride! It's just one of those days!

Sunday, 1/25 - Run, 6 miles in the neighborhood, 11:13 pace
This is my 1st weekend with a long run since the hubby started his new work schedule. I can't decide whether I want to run on Saturdays or Sundays...since I will be running at 3 pm, I guess it will just depend on what's on the agenda for the weekend. I am hoping that my Mom will agree to watch the kiddos every few weeks, so I can get in an occasional Saturday morning long run with the peeps from Woodlands Fit.

So, a long run alone, in the middle of the day wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. But, then again, it was only 6 miles. I am definitely going to have to do the 10 and 12 milers with a group! I ran the 2-mile neighborhood loop once, then I ran the gravel trail in the middle of the 'hood and back, then another 2-mile loop. The total mileage was 6.04...just right! There were a couple of other runners out and lots of moms with strollers. Maybe next time, I'll finally venture out into the wooded trails in the neighborhood. I've heard they could be pretty fun!

Saturday, 1/24 - Rest day

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Blessed with Boys said...

Oh, I remember those days! Still have 'em sometimes, though thankfully not as often.