Thursday, January 08, 2009


Must get new seat for bike!

I forgot to mention that I joined the Performance Bicycle's "Performance Team", where you get 10% back on anything you purchase in the store. As a result, I was able to put the 10% from what I spent on my bike towards a bike trainer! It's not a supa dupa top of the line trainer or anything, but for now it will do the trick. I set it up last night and hopped on the bike for a test spin. Everything feels great! Well, except for my butt. Dang, I need to invest in a new seat...preferably one with lots and lots of cushioning! I mean, I have natural cushioning in that area, LOL, but I need more!

If you have any recommendations on picking a saddle, please let me know!!!

Workout Stats - Wednesday, 1/7/09
Cycling, indoor - 30 minutes


Sarah said...

I like the Adamo saddles a lot. They're the ones that are split in the front -- you may have seen them. They look very strange, and I've been told by bike shop guys that people either love 'em or hate 'em. But for me it works great. It's slightly wider, which means it fits my sit bones better. My butt still gets a little sore, but NOTHING like in the past.

Viv said...

First off happy New Year I hope it is a super healthy and fantastic 2009! Secondly great job on all the workouts you have been knocking out!!
Thirdly, YAAAYAYAYA congrats on the new bike. Supah sweet! The ppeop at Performance are very helpful. Hope you have many happy miles indoor with the trainer and out on the road.

The saddle although Adamo racing saddles rocks my world I will let you in on a secret. It slit in the front is no good if you are in a seated position and not aero. So for tri bikes I love it for sitting road bike style no bueno.

On my road bike I am a big fan of the Terry Liberator saddle also sold at Performance :)