Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Attempts at Swimming

Naturally, since I am training for a triathlon, I do need to spend some time in the pool (yes, I am afraid to put it in print). Especially since swimming is my weakest's my nemesis, lol. So, I headed over to the Y for some laps. I was pleased that I made some progress last week, so I had high expectations for the day.

First thing I noticed when I arrived at the Y was that it was cool outside. Seriously, the temp dropped about 15-20 degrees on my commute from Houston to The Woodlands! I hurried up and changed clothes...when I made it to the pool, I was happy and surprised to see two lanes open and only one person swimming! Yahoo! My first attempt going down the lane wasn't great, but not so bad either. It took me a couple of laps to remember what worked for me last week. My goal was to swim 500m doing what I'm supposed to do - swim with my head in the water, breathe and try not inhale water causing me to stop mid-lane, sputter, cough, etc. I met my goal...well, almost....I swam 22 laps (550 yds, or 502.92m) and only stopped mid-lane twice to cough and sputter. There were also a few times when I picked my head up for a couple of strokes (a habit I need to break), but I made myself put my head back in the water and keep going. And yes, I'll admit that I did have to rest at each end of the pool...that will get easier, right???

The funniest part of the night was when I noticed an older guy next to me swimming effortlessly back and forth. About 15 minutes after I arrived, he got out of the pool and next thing I know, he's walking pushing a freakin' walker! LOL...not only do the 6 year olds two lanes down swim better than me, there's an old geezer (no disrespect) swimming circles around me too! Fellow TRI wannabe, Katie, had told me about him, it was just funny to witness it firsthand.
Take note: I promptly called FINS this morning about some lessons!
Workout Stats
Tuesday, 1/27 - Swim, 550 yds


Viv said...

The old swimmers amaze me they obviously have been doing it for years and a reminder that this is a non impact sport. Anywhoo great job girl and I hear fins has great coaches. I am looking into another masters swim during the week at the NAT (behind portofino) let me know if you want the info when I get it. Swimming with coaches and people at your feet keep me focused.

Great job with the mid week long run and the cycling bout..LOL! I understand that is why i never use my trainer hardly at home no peace..

Blessed with Boys said...

Hey at least you didn't get beat by a one armed woman swimming! Now as tough as that was...certainly the word inspiring comes to mind and "no excuses"!

Margo said...

Your swimming story made me laugh! I applaud you because there is no way I will get in a pool.

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