Sunday, January 18, 2009


To see the video, try going here:

Scroll down...there should be a list of video segments. Select segment 17.


I have to say that I've never had so much fun running a 1/2 marathon! And my time, while not a PR, wasn't too shabby for me either - 2:31:36. That's just 4 minutes slower than my pre-baby time in '07 of 2:27:21...I'm pretty sure with some speedwork, I can beat that next year.

Oh and to add to my fun morning run, I had my 15 seconds of fame: (it's segment 17)

I'll have some more pictures, a race report and the story behind the tiara later...this birthday princess needs some sleep! :0)


Jamoosh said...


I was tracking you and many others. Great job!

Barbara said...

Do you know which segment your interview is in? I haven't seen it yet!

At least I know to look for a tiara!

Great job on the race!

Tiggs said...

I can't find segment 17...hmmmmm

Barbara said...

Me either Christy. Enquiring minds want to know - which segment is it really?

Blessed with Boys said...

Way to Go Christy you look like a pro on TV!
If you go under video segments, click sports, then seg 17. For some reason they won't let you do a direct link.

Holden said...

Hey cool! Happy Birthday!!

Vic said...

Can't find seg 17. :( Very sad.

Hey, happy birthday.

Humble Runner said...

Happy Birthday. You looked GREAT!!!

Vic said...

ARE YOU KIDDING? AWESOME. You're a star. When I watched that, I soooooo wanted to be out there with you. Next year, right? Congrats.