Monday, July 20, 2009

Bricks, Weenie Dogs and a Sunset

Saturday was my rest day...thank God for that!

Sunday, the goal was to get in a brick. I had planned on riding for an hour and running 3 miles. However, life can get in the way and it did. I promised to take the kiddo to the pool, but that was delayed until late afternoon because of some errands I needed to take care of (i.e. find a birthday gift for my Mom...nothing like waiting till the last minute!). So, late trip to the pool = late dinner = late getting the kids to bed = late start on the workout. Since it was quickly approaching dusk, I only managed to get in a 30 minute bike ride and a 1 mile run. It worked out okay because I got to see the most awesome sunset. And, I still got to practice getting the legs running after the bike. Well, sort of...while I was putting my bike in the garage, the neighbor's dogs escaped from the backyard. Of course, I herded them back to their house which took a few minutes...weenie dogs aren't the smartest dogs, are they?

Next brick, the goal will be 12 miles on the bike and a 2 mile run. The final brick goal will be 15 miles on the bike and 3 mile run.

Workout Stats
Bike - 10 miles, 36 minutes, 16.5 mph (not very impressive)
Run - 1 mile, 10 minutes

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