Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday, Monday...

Bright and early at dark-thirty, I made it to the nat for a swim. I dunno what my problem was, but I was really struggling with my freestyle. I did get to swim long-course (50m), which is awesome for the endurance! But, I couldn’t seem to make it an entire length with freestyle and spent most of the lap doing sidestroke!

Help! Somebody kidnapped my freestyle stroke!

Coach Steve mentioned that it must have been taken by my sidestroke and he’s probably right. My sidestroke was smokin’, lol! I did manage to hammer out a few 300s and some drills, but the freestyle never “clicked” for me….better now than on race day!

Monday evening I never thought I’d get my run started. My sweet kiddo just refused to go to sleep! At one point, around 9:15 pm, she asked if I would close her door before I started the noisy treadmill. I told her that I would after I finished making my lunch. I walked to her room 10 minutes later and she was fast asleep. I got on the treadmill for a quickie 20 minutes….I know, hardly more than a warm-up, but better than nothing.

Workout Stats – Monday, 7/27
Swim - 40 minutes, 200 m warm-up, 300x2 w/1 min rec, 50m drills, 150m misc crap
Treadmill run - 20 minutes, 10:48 pace

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