Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Typical Tuesday

Another spin and swim day!

Just another typical sweaty day at spin class. I had to leave a little early so that I could get back to work in time to set up the conference room audio visual system to watch the Michael Jackson memorial service. Yes, I am serious. Employees wanted to watch it and so we accomodated them...and yes, even I wanted to see it, but I dvr'ed it to watch at home. Turns out that it was all set up before I got there, so I guess I could have stayed for the entire class.

My swim was okay. Still some kid-dodging going on, but overall not too bad. I've learned that the later I wait to swim, the fewer kiddos there are to dodge. I did a 100 yd warm-up, followed by 350 of mostly freestyle (but some sidestroke too), 2 minute recovery, another 350 of the freestyle-sidestroke combo, recovery, then another 200 of slow freestyle to work on my breathing since that seems to be my biggest challenge. One thing I noticed is that I haven't been stretching out my stroke and rotating much...time to watch the Total Immersion video again!

And back to the Michael Jackson Memorial Service....someone please explain to me why Sheila Jackson Lee was there? Seriously. Can we say "media whore"?

Workout stats
Spin class - 50 minutes
Swim - 1,000 yds


Jen's Journey said...

Another great workout!

BTW, I have no idea why SJL was apart of the service, I was surprised to see her there.

Keep going STRONG!

elf said...

Of course Sheila Jackson Lee was there--there was a TV camera, wasn't there?