Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pizza! Pizza!

I left work a little early yesterday because one of the kiddo's friends was coming over for a play date. Not only did I have to pick the kids up from my parent's house, I needed to stop to pick up pizza and I wanted to throw some cookies in the oven (yeah, refrigerated cookie dough - that's how I roll!) . After picking up the kids, we went to Little Caesar's...sad to admit, but this is pretty much a weekly occurrence in our house. So, I ask for a cheese pizza and some crazy bread, pay and off we go! About 1/2 way home, I realize that the smell wafting through my car is not that of a cheese pizza. Hmmmm, is that onions, bell peppers and sausage I smell? When I stopped at a red light, I looked inside the box and sure enough - a deluxe pizza! Don't get me wrong, I love this kind of pizza....the problem is that Riley and her friend only eat cheese pizza. What do you expect from a couple of 4 year olds??? And Riley can tell if I've just given her a slice of pizza that previously had onions, bell peppers and sausage on it, lol!

So, once I get in the house, I started scrambling for the domino's pizza number (yeah, I forgot we have a Papa John's nearby too! Doh!). It's been years since I actually ordered a pizza for home delivery, because Little Caesar's is just too close and too cheap to not get.

$12 + tip for a medium cheese pizza?

Yeah, I'll stick to Little Caesar's from now on thankyouverymuch! Not that I can't appreciate a pricier pizza, but seriously, if I'm going to pay that much I'd rather go to Star Pizza! (yeah, I dunno when I became so cheap either...maybe when the munchkin started daycare with the kiddo and I felt like I have been paying a 2nd mortgage since???)

Once the kiddo's playdate was over and both she and the munchkin were both in bed, I finished getting everything together for the next day - you know, lunches, clothes, etc. Did some other stuff around the house and then hopped on the treadmill. It was getting pretty late, so my scheduled 40-minute run actually ended up being only 30-minutes and some change. Sorry folks, but once the 10 o'clock news comes on, I am pretty much done for the day!

I do have to say that I am pleased that my pace is staying below the 11 minute/mile pace that I had been doing on the treadmill for the past couple of years. I've been working on shortening and quickening my stride, and those treadmill intervals may be helping a little too. Now, we'll see how this translates into my outdoor runs...I imagine since I've been doing almost all of my weekday runs indoors that I will be much slower outside in the heat and humidity.

Is it October yet???

Workout Stats - Wednesday, July 29
Treadmill Run - 3 miles, 31:48, 10:36 pace
5 minute warm-up, 3 min x 5 - with 1 min recovery, 6+ minute cool down


cami said...

ok, so who ate the deluxe? cuz, you know, you could've just sent it my way. :)

Meg Runs said...

Cute pizza story, I remember those days very, very well! Work, playdates, working're doing some great balancing!

Thanks for the encouragement on my blog, it helped!

Jamoosh said...

Ditch the kids, grab the hubbie, make it a date night at Star!

Tiggs said...

Medium deep dish from Star delivered to my place = $22 with tip!

TX Runner Mom said...

Cassie, that $22 is well worth it when it comes from Star. Trust me, $12 of Dominos is soooo not worth it!

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