Saturday, July 18, 2009


Friday = long run day!

So, I set out a tiny bit earlier than normal for my long run. Apparently, I left the Garmin on all day, after charging it all night...doh! So, I have no idea of my time or pace. I hate that! I've become so freaking dependent on my Garmin for my pace, time, etc. that I feel naked without it. I almost didn't want to run without it!

But, I set off on my run anyway and just decided to run at whatever pace felt comfortable. And that's what I did. I even took walk breaks when it felt necessary...I only took 5 walk breaks total and one of those was because I got a mouthful of gnats, lol! Yuck! For me, only 5 walk breaks is pretty damn good...since I had been doing 5/1s for YEARS and never in a million years thought I'd stop doing that. But for whatever reason, I HAVE decided to stop. I've been doing 9/1s for about 2 months, with the intent of eventually getting to a walk break at each mile. Then eventually only doing walk breaks at the water stations at races. So, I am making progress...slowly but surely!

Once again the neighborhood water sprinklers were a Godsend! As I was completing my 1st 3-mile loop around the 'hood, I felt pretty good...but, I felt even better after running through a few of the sprinklers! It put some pep in my step for my 2nd 3-mile loop and I finished it with no problem. In fact, it even felt like I had sped up a little at the end. Of course, I have no proof of this without the Garmin. :-)

Workout Stats
Neighborhood Run - 6 miles, 1 hour, ? minutes, ? pace

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