Monday, July 13, 2009


Here's a quick catch up. Feeling rather blah and not really in the mood to blog tonight.

Thursday, 7/9
Skipped spin class and went to the pool - total waste of time! Kids everywhere and nowhere to actually swim. I was there for 30 minutes and might have gotten in 500.

Friday, 7/10 - Run, 5 miles, 11:34 pace
"Long" run of 5 miles. Despite the heat, it actually felt great. Running through all the neighborhood sprinklers might have helped a lot. :-) I started out slower than usual, thinking that I would pick up the pace later. I did, but not much. Also, running 9/1s is getting easier...thinking about switching to walking a minute at each mile.

Saturday, 7/11 - Family day!
Was going to rest completely, but did Ab Ripper X just 'cause.

Sunday, 7/12 - Rest Day
Busy day - went to church, shopped a sale at Toys R Us for the kid's Christmas stuff, visited a friend and her new baby (welcome to the world baby Hayden!), took the kiddo to see Ice Age 3 after lunch...that was enough!

Monday, 7/13 - AM Swim, 35 minutes, ~1000 yds
Met Jen at the pool this morning. Arrived a little later than planned, but got in some good laps. Slowed down and concentrated on my breathing and form. May do this again for the rest of the week and then go back to doing drills. Gotta get faster! I timed my 300 and it was still around 8:15...pathetic!!!


Jamoosh said...

Sounds like your pool needs an "adult swim!"

Jen's Journey said...

Great job on your swim! Keep going strong!


Meg Runs said...

Sounds like busy week!