Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Confession time...

First, I did get in both of my workouts yesterday! Yay me.

Spin - 1 hour
Typical leg burning spin class. Richard played nothing but MJ for the 1st half hour, which was fun. Naturally, he had a lot of "uphill" for us and lots of speed intervals. Gotta love it. Or maybe I'm just weird.

Swim - ~1,000 yds
Okay, not completely sure about the yards..could be right give or take 50 yds. The neighborhood pool was pleasantly empty...not completely, but void of the little demons running around last week. :-) I did 100 yd warm up, followed by 300, then recovery, then about 200 of drills and just working on my breathing, followed by another 300, recovery and more drills. I am still frustrated with the breathing....I try to not gasp huge amounts of air, but I'm still not doing something right because I get winded. Granted, I don't get as winded as quickly as I used to, but still winded. Grrrrr........

The confession???

After months of working with a nutritionist, I have sorta fallen of the wagon with my eating. I lost 15 lbs between October of last year and January 2009....since mid-January, I have lost nothing.



In fact, I have gained 2 lbs. The sad thing is, I know it won't take that long to get off these last few pounds. I just don't know why I don't just do it already! I'll say to myself "okay, todays the day you're gonna get back to eating better" and the next thing I know I am eating a peanut butter cookie from the catered lunch at work! Doh!'s time to get back on the wagon. I workout like a madwoman, so to not see results on the scale or my clothes is just plain depressing.

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