Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy Weekend

Friday was not quite what I expected.

I expected to leave work at 3 pm, head to the grocery store sans kids, then head home to hang out with the family before my cousins from Florida arrived.

Instead, I received a call from the kid’s school letting me know that the munchkin had a fever. So, I headed to his school around 1 pm, took him home and waited for the hubby to get home from work so I could go to the grocery store. We found out that the cousins had decided to stay with another family member, so the hubby and kiddo went to visit our nephew to celebrate his 13th birthday, while I stayed home with the feverish munchkin. All is well that ends well I suppose, because the unexpected changes allowed me to do a 4-miler on the treadmill after the munchkin was in bed. Not exactly my Friday night, outdoor long run, but I’ll take it! And, I didn’t trip the breaker this time either.

Workout Stats, Friday 7/25
Treadmill run, 4 miles, 43:16, 10:49 pace

Saturday was a fun-filled family day! The hubby had to work, so the kiddos and I met my parents, the cousins and my uncle for breakfast bright and early. Next, we headed over to Market Street so the kids could play in the water. They had a blast, but I got heatstroke…not really, but it was damn hot! Afterwards, we headed back to our house to get in a little r&r before the rest of the family came over for dinner. We had a great evening…it was so great to see the Florida family, because we rarely get to spend an entire day together.

Workout Stats, Saturday 7/26
No workouts to speak of on Saturday, unless you count chasing the kids around as a workout!

Sunday funday!

I started Sunday with a drive out to 288 Lake to meet up with some fellow tri-folk for an OWS practice. For some reason, my stomach was feeling all weird – must have been all the terrible, not-so-nutritious food I ate the day before! I don’t know if it was the stomach thing or what, but I wasn’t feeling terribly ambitious with my swimming. I swam around the boat 3x before getting up the courage to swim out to the buoys. I really need to get my arse out to the lake more often, because everyone I had met out there a few weeks ago had really made some great progress…they were all swimming to the dock on the other side of the lake and back! Overall, I felt good about my swim…I am definitely more comfortable about open water than ever before. Now, if I could just control my breathing and heart rate on race day, I’d be great!

After the swim, the hubby and I took advantage of his day off and headed to the playground with the kids. We ended the day with a trip to our friend’s house where they were hosting a party for some friends who were in town from New York. It was so awesome to see dozens of people that we hadn’t seen in YEARS! People we used to hang out with weekly B.C. (before children). Some of them haven’t changed a bit, but for the most part we have all grown up, gotten married and had kids. It was crazy to see the “next generation” all playing together…maybe one day they’ll be hanging out at somebody’s beach house waiting for some waves to surf or going fishing. Ahhhh, the good old days!!!

Workout Stats, Sunday 7/16
OWS, 288 Lake - not sure how many meters?


Meg Runs said...

Sounds like a fun weekend, busy!

It's so funny how kids change our whole perspective on "our" schedules; work, working out, etc.

I haven't ever swam in a lake! Is it totally dark and murky underwater?!

Jamoosh said...

Four miles - on a treadmill - on a Friday night. The life of a married runner...

Tiggs said...

please invite me to the lake when you are going :) I need OWS buddies BAD.

TX Runner Mom said...

Will do Cassie! I don't know if I'll be able to get out there again before TriGirl though. The BT folks that meet up out there are awesome!