Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Something New

Tonight, I decided to try something new. No swimming. No biking. No running. Instead, I went to "Nightclub Cardio". This is a fairly new class and there was even an article in the Houston Chronicle about it a few weeks ago. A friend of mine went to the class several weeks ago and had a great time, so she invited me to come along. Lemme just say, this class is very popular. When I tried to go on-line to register, the classes for the next several weeks were sold out. Tonight's class was the 1st class available.

When I arrived at the nightclub, I noticed there was a wide variety of women there (and a handful of guys too) - very fit, not so fit, large, small and everything in between. The class started a little late, but eventually the lights dimmed and the class got started - but the fun colored club lights and Michael Jackson videos on the big screen were on. The instructor was full of energy and got everyone warmed-up and pumped...unfortunately, I couldn't understand a word she was saying on her microphone, but that was okay. Honestly, if you're very fit, this may not be the workout for you. It isn't a really hard core, kick your ass kind of workout. It's aerobics with a dance club twist. There's a lot of jumping up and down with arms flailing, a lot of booty shakin', with some squats thrown it. During the "Maniac" song from Flashdance, we all did the running in place thing from the movie. There was even a "Soul Train Line" to the song JT/Madonna tune "4 Minutes" - yes, I even took a stroll down the line!

My take on it? If you're new to working out, this is a good workout that might be somewhat challenging. I'm not sayin' I am a super-athlete-fitness-goddess by any means (or even close!), but I found myself wanting to go workout afterwards. Really workout. Then again, it was my 1st time...you can probably make the workout more intense by getting into it more. I will say, it was a damn good time and yeah, I might do it again. :-)

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Meg Runs said...

How fun! I'm always open to trying something new...sounds like this is the ticket. I'm kind of sad we don't have this class or type of class available near us, sounds entertaining!!