Friday, July 24, 2009

Swimmy, Swim, Swim

Again there was a lunch meeting at work, so no spin class. Boohoo! But, I headed to the Downtown Y once again for my swim. This time there were no naked old ladies. Whew! But, I discovered that even the 1st floor dressing room was a maze...I had just not gone far enough into the dressing room last week. I was worried I'd get lost just finding the bathroom stalls.

All the lap lanes already had people in them, so I paired up with a guy who appeared to be the hairiest guy I've ever seen. Really. (Gag) I didn't realize this when I first hopped into the lane, because he was at the other end of the pool. But, he was nice enough and we stayed out of each others way and that's what counts. Right?

I warmed up with 150 freestyle - really slow, really focusing on my breathing and form. Next, I did 300 freestyle a bit faster. Then I did 200 with the pull buoy, another 200 without, then another 100 with and another 150 without. I've used the pull buoy before, but never for more than about 50. For some reason today, I really liked using it. I felt like I could work on my stroke and breathing and then when I swam a few laps without it, I felt like I was actually swimming more efficiently. So, I'd swim awhile without it and then with it and then without. On that last 150, I told myself that the 1st 50 would be my last lap. Then, that lap felt good, so I decided to do one more. Then, that one felt good to and I decided to do another. :-)

Overall, it was a good swim and I made it home in time to listen to the munchkin "singing" in his crib (so stinkin' CUTE!) and play "Little Einstein's Blast Off Bingo" with the kiddo and hubby while watching Beauty & the Beast.

I don't know what the weekend holds as far as workouts go. I have family coming in from Florida, so I imagine my long run tonight is not gonna happen. The hubby has Sunday off from work, so I am hoping to sneak away on Sunday morning for an OWS!


Meg Runs said...

Thanks for the update on the old woman, I'll stop thinking about that story now.

Hope you can sneak away for exercise on Sunday!
Happy Friday,

Tiggs said...

just catching up on your YMCA posts...yeh, it's ghetto as hell and yeh, I've seen that naked old lady before too. but for me its close, cheap and always open when I need it! LOL!

TX Runner Mom said...

I hear ya Cassie. At this point, it's all about what works to get the swims done! LOL, that is so freakin' hilarious that you've seen the old lady too!