Saturday, May 02, 2009

Brick #4

Friday, May 1 - Bike, 7 miles @ 13.5 mph & Run, 1 mile, 9:57 pace

I had Friday off from work to get everything done for the baby's birthday party on Saturday. I managed to get everything done pretty quickly, so I decided to head out for a short bike ride before picking up the kiddos from school.

Since the hubby was also home, we decided to ride together. The hubby has a mountain bike, so in order to ride together, it meant I had to slow down a bit. :-) It was fun. We rode around the neighborhood - I showed the hubby my usual route and we even checked out a few sections of the neighborhood that we hadn't really seen. The ride ended up only being about 7 miles, because we ran out of time. Once we were done, I did my T2 in the garage and headed out for a 1-mile run. I am wondering if something was wrong with my Garmin, because even though I thought I was keeping my run slower, I finished my mile in 9:57! For me, that's awesome.

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