Friday, May 15, 2009

Catching Up

Since my last post was so freaking long, I decided to not post for a few days. LOL!

Here's an update of what I've been up to...

Sunday, I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of my Mother's Day. After the tri, my Dad watched the kiddos so my Mom and I could enjoy a nice, relaxing lunch together. Afterwards, I came home to a napping baby, so the kiddo and I played with her dollhouse together until the hubby made it home from work. Next, we hung out in the gameroom, watched the Rockets game and played with the kiddos. (Yay for the Rockets!) Finally, we headed over to the neighborhood pool and spent an hour or so splashing around with the kiddos.

Monday was a rest day for workouts!

Tuesday, I had to skip spin class due to a work lunch meeting, but I did get in a 45 minute swim at the pool. Lots of freestyle and sidestroke!

Wednesday, I ran some intervals on the treadmill. I did a 5-minute warm-up, ran 7x400 with a 1-minute rest break in between, the did a 5-minute cool down (which turned into a 7 minute cool down so I could watch the rest of a segment on Ellen). Overall, I was a bit slower than last week. For whatever reason, I felt more tired than usual. Oh and I did my workout during lunch so I could watch the LOST season finale right after the kiddos went to bed. Good decision, since it was a 2-hour special...and it was a great show!

Thursday, hit the lunchtime spin class again! Love it! I think I pushed myself pretty hard with my pace and the tension. Fun times! Sweaty, but fun!

After work, I headed back to the pool near work. Man, summer is definitely here...or at least the summer temps. There were sooo many families at the pool , it was crazy! Fortunately, not many people were there trying to swim laps, so I did not have to share a lane with anyone. And, I made somewhat of a breakthrough with my breathing issues. I came to the realization that I was taking very big (or HUGE) gasps of air when I turned my head to breathe. Since I breathe every 3 strokes, there's no way I could exhale all that air. So, I played around a bit and discovered that I do much better taking very small "bites" of air (as Terry from the TI video says). Normally, once I get winded, I do 3 strokes of freestyle with a few sidestrokes in between. I hardly had to sidestroke at all using my new breathing technique...and I managed to get 250 meters in that way! Progress!!!! I'll take any I can get!!!

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