Thursday, May 07, 2009

Run, Swim, no Bike

Thursday, 5/7 - Swim, 40 minutes
Just to give the legs a little rest, I decided to skip the spin class today. From past experience, it was highly likely that I would have had sore legs until Saturday and I didn't want that. Instead, I would do my regular Thursday swim.

As always life happens. I had planned to go back to the Y near work, just for convenience sake. However, the hubby got stuck at work thanks to a call out about 15 minutes before he was scheduled to leave. That meant I had to leave work early to get the kiddos and hang out with them until the hubby got home. No worries - more time with the kids is always a good thing. When the hubby made it home, I thought maybe I'd just hit the neighborhood pool. No dice. There were kids galore. Next stop - BC YMCA. Turned out to be a great idea, because Katie was there! She was just finishing up on the weights and was ready to go swim.

I tell ya, this was the best I've ever felt in the pool! I think I have totally taken the pressure off myself to try to push through the yards with nothing but freestyle. I've come to accept the fact that a little (or a lot) of sidestroke in between was a-okay for a sprint tri. (Thanks Steve!!!) When I switch back and forth between the two strokes as needed, I can swim all day! Okay, maybe not all day, but you get the idea.

So I am ready for Sunday, woohoo! I was planning leave work a little early to drive over to the tri site after work tomorrow and check out the bike course. Nice and slow of course. But having to leave early today pretty much squashed those plans. Oh well!

Wednesday, 5/6 - Treadmill Run, 2.75 miles, 25 minutes, 10:22 pace

I did my intervals on the treadmill again. 7x400 this time and I was pleased to get into the lower 9's and even flirted with the high 8's for a minute or two. The pace included my 5 minute warm up and cool down at a pretty slow pace.

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