Thursday, May 21, 2009

Operation "Get Faster" - Week 5

Once again, I headed to the gym during lunch to get on the dreadmill. Wednesday is the kiddo's dance night and the in-laws are staying with us, so I knew there would be no running tonight. I did my regular 5-minute warm-up, then did 8x400 with a 1-minute recovery in between. I felt like I wasn't as fast as before, but I did have a couple of minutes in the high 8's. That was fun to see on the treadmill screen, even if it wasn't for long.

The baby's rash actually got worse yesterday. After seeing the pictures below, I am sure you're wondering how that's even possible. But, he was not letting it bother him too much...he still wanted to play outside with his sister in the little playhouse on the patio. I am praying that he starts to show signs of improvement soon...I am sure our pediatrician is hoping so too, because we must have called them 4 times yesterday with more questions, LOL! Yes we are those parents!!! We are really thinking that it was an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin, rather than a reaction to the MMR vaccine.

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