Friday, June 12, 2009

Swimming in a cesspool...

Yesterday, the kiddo had her swim lesson at our neighborhood pool. I am not certain that she is the right level, because she is the only one in her class of 4 kids who refuses to put her face in the water and blow nose bubbles. I'll try to work with her on it, but it seems like she's a chip off the ol' block because I also hated this when I was her age. Hence the not really learning to swim until I was 37 years old. Yeah, I don't want that for her so I hope she comes around.

After getting the kiddo back home and fed, I headed back to the pool for laps. I was amazed at how many families were arriving at the pool between 7:15 and 7:45 pm! I guess these kids don't have the same 8pm bedtime as my kiddo (heck, the baby goes to bed between 6:30 and 7 pm!). I guess we're the mean parents. :-) What I was even more amazed at was how dirty the pool really was! I thought the pool at the Shadow Bend Y was has nothing on our pool! There were leaves everywhere, mildew/mold on the wall and huge effin' hairballs floating around. Disgusting!!! Seriously, I sent an e-mail to the HOA - I mean what does that huge amount of money we pay to them each year go to anyway???

I did meet a neighbor there who is just starting to swim and we did manage to get in about 35-40 minutes of laps....with a little talking mixed in. I guess I should just be happy I got in a swim, but jeeze!

Oh and can I just give some props to my vicodin? It truly is an amazing and wonderful drug! :-)

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