Friday, June 26, 2009

Race Packets & Other Ramblings....

I went to pick up my race packet for the Memorial Hermann Sugar Land triathlon and I was immediately wondering if I should have registered for the Pearland race instead.

The shirts are not so cute and HUGE. And, it seems that the race director did not recieve my estimated swim time e-mail, because I got placed with the 10 minute pace group. Accckkkk! That's what I get for not putting it on my entry form. I received a mass e-mail asking for estimates and responded to the e-mail (I even checked my "sent" folder)...what happened after that is anyone's guess.

Oh well, I got another one of those backpack/bag thingys. I do like those! :-)


Susan said...

A backpack/bag is always good! Best of luck to you! I can't wait to hear all about it.

Sarah said...

You can do Y Tri next year. :) I have to laugh at hearing the shirts are huge -- last year, when it was still a women's tri, the shirts were absurdly small. I usually wear an L or XL, so I got an XL. It was *SKINTIGHT* and unwearable.

Good luck tomorrow!