Friday, June 05, 2009

Long Run w/the moon(s)

Workout Stats - 7 miles, 1:19:41, 11:23 pace

I am really liking getting my "long" runs out of the way on Friday evening. For one, the humidity hasn't been too bad like it can be in the early morning hours. Yes, it's hot, but it's been bearable these past few weeks.

For whatever reason, my Garmin decided to die on me on Friday...I mean really DIE! I took it off the charger (the screen said "battery charging complete" or something like that). I grabbed my handheld fuelbelt bottle and headed outside. When I tried to turn on the Garmin so it could begin locating the satellites, it did nothing. I pressed the power button again and nothing. I did this about 10 more times, because I didn't believe it wasn't working. So, I went inside and searched for my old watch. I continued with my 9:1 intervals, but to be honest I didn't feel like I was needed them until the end. Overall, it was a great run! I felt good the entire time, even though I had eaten dinner an hour earlier. I also tried some new stuff - Luna Moons in watermelon flavor.

I don't know if they are responsible for my good run or what, but I may try them again next week to see what happens. I liked that unlike the Shot Bloks, they don't stick to my teeth. My pace was a bit slower than I'd like, but overall I am pleased with this run. And, in addition to my Luna Moons experimentation, I also got to see a great sunset and run in the light of an almost full moon...good stuff!

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