Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Thanks again to Richard, who felt compelled to begin the torture immediately after our warm-up yesterday in spin class. Yep, "15 minutes" of uphill at 80%+ was so much fun. I put the time in quotes, because he said 15 minutes, but what he really meant was "don't stop until I tell you to, even if it is more like 20 mintues." Torture!

Actually, I loved every minute.

I sweated my arse off, felt it in my quads and went back to work feeling like a bad ass.

Gotta love that!

No swim last night though...we used our free Astros tickets from the Race for the Pennant and took the whole family to the game. It was fun, even if we were only there for an hour. :-)

Workout Stats
Spin class, 50 minutes


Runner Susan said...

oh, i don't like those type of spin coaches . . . too hard for me! good job for you, though.

Michele said...

Hey TX Runner Mom! Thanks for visiting my blog. I always love a kick but spin class. I feel so good afterwards :)