Friday, June 26, 2009


I know tend to go off on a tangent sometimes and do a non-running post, so here's another one. If ya wanna read about my latest workout, go here.

I just can't let today go by without a post about the two icons who died today. One was completely expected, but that doesn't make it any less sad. The other was a complete shock.

Those of us who are um, older, remember Off the Wall, the Thriller video, the parachute pants, the glittery glove, the red jacket with all the zippers, the bad ass dance moves that EVERYONE tried to copy (I still can't moon walk, but I sure tried! ), the videos that set the bar for all other videos when MTV was still new (Billie Jean anyone?), and the complete awesomeness of his music at that time. I was 10 when Thriller came out, so it would be an understatement to say that his music made an impact on my most impressionable years. I loved, loved, loved him in Jr. High! In high school, I became more of a new waver (you know Depeche Mode, The Cure, New Order, etc), but I'll admit I still loved me some Michael Jackson.

I hate that his later years were marred with all the scandals and the plastic surgery gone bad. Yeah, he turned out to be a freak. Despite all that, I will remember him for all the great memories I had of that music growing up! I watched the cartoon and listened to the Jackson 5 with my Dad, I listened to the later Jackson 5 and early MJ solo stuff on Majic 102 with my Mom, the Pepsi commercials, the Victory Tour (I wanted to go soooo bad!), etc. those were some good days! The picture below is the Michael I will always remember. To be honest, he's been gone for quite awhile.


Oh how I wanted to be an Angel! I remember being in 1st grade and playing "Charlies Angels" in recess. My friend, Stephanie, was blonde which meant she ALWAYS got to be Jill (Farrah). If I was lucky, I could at least be the Jaclyn Smith Angel, Kelly. Nobody ever wanted to be Sabrina, who was played by Kate Jackson. LOL! Yeah, I thought Farrah was beautiful. I wanted to be her when I was a kid and I especially loved her hair. :-) And who doesn't remember that picture of her in that red swimsuit? She went on to do some highly acclaimed dramatic acting, so she proved herself as a "real" actress. I admire her for the way she fought to survive cancer these past couple of years. She was a real fighter. May she rest in peace and finally be pain free.


Jamoosh said...

My favorite Angel was Jaclyn Smith - so there you go.

TX Runner Mom said...

Jaclyn is still beautiful!

Tiggs said...

I don't know anything about/have any emotional connection to FF. I guess I was just a tad too young for her.

But I LOVED Michael Jackson. My earliest music memories are centered around his records. I totally LOVE Janet. I never got to see MJ in concert, but always wanted to and even though he went off the deep end I still had respect for him as a music genius. Very very sad day for the world.