Thursday, June 18, 2009

That kinda week...

I dunno what the frick my problem is, but my mojo is missing this week.

If you find it will you return it to it's owner please?

Monday I rested. I probably didn't need to, because my 5-miler on Sunday was so full of slackage that I didn't really need a rest. The parking lot at the Y near my work has been such a fiasco due to the construction going on, I opted to eat lunch at my desk rather than go run on the dreadmill....well that, and I gotta work a little extra to get outta here early on Friday for the kiddo's 1st real dance recital. :-)

Tuesday, I did spin class and as always it kicked my arse. But, I opted to skip my evening swim in order to have tex-mex and 'ritas with the neighborhood mom's group. Muy bueno!

Yesterday, I had a working lunch. No biggie, it's all good. But, I have sooooo gotten out of the habit of getting in a late night (read: after the kids are in bed) treadmill run, that I just couldn't bring myself to do it. The munchkin was asleep my 7:15. Next, the kiddo was in bed and I was in my workout clothes by 8:30 pm.

No problem, I could get in 3-miles and still have some "me" time before bed.

But, I wanted to make sure she was asleep first. You see, she's a sneaky one. She wants to get up multiple times and come see what you're doing if she knows you're awake. On Monday, I was watching TV upstairs and she must have come in the room 10 times. I don't think she was asleep until almost 10 pm, which might be why she had a mini-meltdown when I took her to school the next morning.

So anyway, today I will have to pay the price of being lazy and do a brick! Sort of...I am going to run my 3-mile loop around the 'hood despite this frickin' heat and hope that all the kids are out of the pool by the time I'm done, so I can get in a good swim.

Workout Stats
Spin class, 1 hour


Funnyrunner said...

Ah, you're a runner addict working mom, too. Nice to meet ya. I love nighttime runs. but not on treadmills. yuck. Let's see - did I do Chicago marathon in 06, too? Yeah. I did. I did Chicago in 05 and 06. take care!

Jamoosh said...

I found your mojo and have decided to keep it!


Just12Finish said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! You tri people are tough ... I've been base building a a couple months now in preparation for starting my marathon training for real in July (nice 'n hot by then in Dallas), but I don't have to do multiple workouts!

Even so, I've been so swamped that I haven't been writing or reading. If there was a last place award for blogness, I'd win it.