Friday, June 19, 2009

I need structure!

I was just telling the hubby the other day that I really need structure in my workouts.

I kinda feel like I am just doing whatever, ya know? This is especially true with my swimming. Before TriGirl, I was just wanting to cover the distance in the swim any way I could. I wasn't concerned with time, because lets face it, I am a pretty sucky swimmer (but improving!). Now, I think I have improved and should maybe work on getting faster with what I've got. Does that make any sense at all?

Here's my current schedule:

Monday - progressive/tempo run (generally on dreadmill during lunch or after kids are asleep)
Tuesday - lunchtime spin class & evening swim
Wednesday - "mock speedwork" (again lunch or evenings on treadmill)
Thursday - lunchtime spin & evening swim
Friday - long run (evening)
Saturday - rest day (family time!)
Sunday - bike ride/brick (usually can't fit in more than an hour...ugh!)

Any suggestions for making the most of these workouts? How about some suggestions for the swim? And of course, this schedule is subject to happens, kids/family always come first and of course work even gets in the way from time to time with those lunchtime spin classes...the last 2 weeks of workouts have been a pretty good example of this!

I'm not sure what to expect at next weekend's tri. I don't feel like I've been the workout Nazi that I was before TriGirl...probably because I was skeered of the OWS and the whole tri-thing in general. I will practice my transitions again next week, that's a given. It will be warmer, so that's always a factor in the run. And let's face it, we had almost perfect, wind-free conditions on the TriGirl ride which was awesome! I can only hope next weekend goes as well. I do feel stronger on the swim, but I'm not too sure about the run and bike....


Jen's Journey said...

Hey there! Thanks first of all for your comment on my blog! I am so happy to hear that you are doing MH as well, I think it will be a good race!

As far as your schedule, it looks great. I know that I too am having to work on my swim times b/c I have been so focused on my biking/running for so long that swimming sometimes takes a back seat. I know for me doing repeats of the distance helps both mentally and also for your times. So if it is a 300 m distance try and do 3 or 4 repeats of this distance then on race day you can say it is no big deal b/c you are used to training 3 times the distance! You will also develop speed my doing this as well. I also like to do a 100 pull or so b/n intervals to focus on my pull and breathing more.

I think you are doing to do GREAT and let's face it, what is MOST important is that we are out there having fun and living life! The good thing about tri's are that usually you will find that everyone has either one strong leg, so some are better runners than swimmers or bikers than runners...etc...This is great b/c it really makes it an individual sport where we really do race against ourselves, nothing more! This is why I love tris!

Keep going strong! GO GO GO!!!!

Funnyrunner said...

hmmmm. I dunno.. that sounds like a pretty good schedule to me. Are you just bored with it or unsure? Have you tried any published training schedules or is that what this is?

I'm impressed....

Susan said...

Like you, I require structure. Especialy in these disgusting temps! The air conditioning calls my name! LOL

My training plan for Team Point Two ought to be here any day now. That will require some action! Some much needed action!