Monday, June 15, 2009

Could it be any hotter???

Wait. Don't answer that. I know the answer and unfortunately, I don't like it.

Year after year I ponder why we didn't move out of state after college. Someplace with a more appealing climate? Of course, it couldn't have a freezing-cold, snowy winter either. Yeah, that doesn't leave too many options now does it? California? Yeah, we couldn't afford a house there....'cept maybe in the hood or something. Okay, so we chose to stay here mainly because the hubby had a job offer and our family is here. (Yeah, we're pansies who have to be near family.) But still. It's effin' hot and I can't take it!

I don't mean to be a wuss, but dammit when you go for a run at 8:00 pm and it's still in the 90's....well, it just plain sucks. And my run sucked.

It didn't help that I hadn't run all week. Monday I was just being, well, lazy. Wednesday, I was recovering from dental hell. The rest of the week was consumed with family fun, so Sunday it was...I was planning for 5 and it's a good thing! Last week, I did 7 and I felt like I could keep going. This week, I was ready to end the agony after about 5 minutes.

First, was the Garmin. Once again, it wasn't cooperating. WTH??? Looks like I'll be sending it in! Second, I had a side stitch for the entire 1st mile. I'd try to go faster to run through it, then I'd try to go slower. I tried to change my breathing. I finally said f*ck it, and walked. Yes, that 1st glorious mile took me a tad bit over 12 minutes, lol. The 2nd mile went great, but by the 3rd mile I realized that the breeze had stopped and it was frickin' HOT. I stopped at our driveway for water, then kept going...bitching and moaning in my head the entire time. During the final mile, the left IT decided it was going to speak up. This was by far, my worst run in a really long time! Pure suckage!

Oh, and did I mention the chafing? Holy jeesus, could there be anything else?

So, this week I will not skip any runs...and I will pray that it's in the 80's when I do my next long run, although I think may be wishful thinking. Not sure when I'm going to fit in that run either, since the kiddo has her 1st dance recital on Friday night. Maybe Saturday? I hate the thought of another Sunday night long run, but ya gotta do....

I realized yesterday that there are only 2 weeks till the next tri. Yikes! I haven't done a brick since the last tri, I think! And, thanks to the logistics of getting into a pool when there are actually lap swim times, swimming is another challenge...yeah, summer sucks, but it's time to get my arse in gear.

Deal with it already!

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