Monday, June 08, 2009

Not so long ride...

Workout Stats - "Long" bike ride - 12.7 miles, 45 minutes, 16.9 pace

I wanted to get in at least an hour on the bike. Actually, I wanted to get in about 30 miles on the bike (closer to 2 hours for me), but anything more than a hour midday when the hubby and kiddos are at home just seems nearly impossible.

But, there was also this little play date thing I had planned at the pool with the kids. So, the hour turned into more like 45 minutes. I managed to squeeze 12.7 miles into that 45 minutes. I was trying to get my average pace up to 17 mph...I was able to get up to 21.6 mph when the wind was just right and spent a lot of time in the 17-18 mph range, but only managed about a 15+ mph pace when I was going into the wind so I never quite got there. Instead, my overall pace was 16.9. I even threw in some interval training just for fun....:-)

Afterwards, the hubby and I gathered up the kids and headed to the pool. We met another friend and her kids there and had a great time splashing around. Good times!!!

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