Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One more workout...

So Monday night, the kids were actually in bed, I had made my lunch and gotten clothes ready for the next day....and it was only 8:30 pm! How'd that happen?

I wasn't in the mood for watching tv or just sitting around, and I'd already gotten in my scheduled run. So what'd I do?

P90X of course!

I miss my P90X workouts, but tri training (even for a sprint) doesn't leave much time for those hour long P90X workouts. I knew I wouldn't be swimming on Tuesday night, so why not get an arm workout in? I chose my favorite dvd of the P90X series - Shoulders and Arms. According to P90X trainer, Tony Horton, this workout works on the "glamour muscles" - the bis, tris and shoulders. Yes!

However, I had to stop after only 30 minutes. Just cuz the kids were in bed, didn't mean they were asleep!

Kiddo: Moommmmeeeeeee.....
Me: What kiddo?
Kiddo: I need to go potty!
Me: Okay, go ahead and potty! (wondering how old she will be when she no longer feels the need to inform me of this)
Kiddo: I need you to turn on the light! (she can reach, but doesn't like going into a dark bathroom)
Me: pause video, go turn on light, wait for her to finish so I can flush and turn off the light for her

I go back to my workout. Approx 3 minutes pass....

Kiddo: Mooommmmmeeeee.......
Me: Yes?
Kiddo: I heard a strange noise!
Me: It was probably just me, I am exercising. I'll try to keep it down.
Kiddo: Okay

Back to arms and shoulders. 1 minute passes...

Kiddo: Mooommmmmeeeee.......
Me: Yes?
Kiddo: Will you come lay down with me?

Yeah, it's then that I know my workout is over. Oh well, 30+ minutes of shoulders and arms is better than nothing I suppose!

Workout Stats
Running - OUTDOORS!, 7x2 minutes w/1 minute recovery, 10:39 pace
P90X - Shoulders and Arms, 30 minutes

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