Thursday, June 04, 2009

Spin and Swim...but without the swim

Workout Stats - 50 minutes, spin class

I hit up the spin class again. Fun, fun! As usual, I sweated my arse off. Today the instructor mixed things up a bit - several intervals going as fast as possible and one "race" against someone on the other "team". He also mixed in some time with lots of tension...ouch!

I opted to not swim after work so I could buy hot rollers for the kiddo's upcoming dance recital pictures (and besides, dh had a fly fishing meeting thing he wanted to attend). So, the kiddo's dance school wants the front to be pulled back with "soft curls" in the back. Yeah, wish me luck with that. We practiced with the hot rollers that night and the curls turned out great...but the kiddo's hair is so fine that they fell within about 15 minutes. We'll try again tomorrow, but with lots of hairspray! :-)

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