Friday, June 19, 2009

I found it!

My mojo that is!

Sorry Jamoosh - now that I got it back, it's staying here! Besides, you seem to have some good mojo going without needing mine. :-)

Yesterday after work, I took the kiddo to her swim class only to discover it had been cancelled. Umm yeah, thanks for the phone call. Even worse, they tend to schedule the make-up classes during the day in the middle of the week. So, I let her splash around for awhile before heading home.

The in-laws came into town for the kiddo's dance recital, so we ate dinner and visited for a little while before I headed out for my run. It never fails....when my in-laws come into town, I always have a workout scheduled and it's always one I don't wanna miss. I know they think I am an obsessed work-out-aholic who never sees her kids. Well, the 1st part is true...not so much for the 2nd part. Of course, it would help if I KNEW when the in-laws were coming. I thought they were going to be at my sister-in-law's house on Thursday, our house on Friday. I guess not - SURPRISE!

My run was a 3-miler in the 'hood. It was hot (91), but overall not too awful. As usual, I started out too fast (for me) and then was feeling the heat at the end. My overall pace - 11:01. I did see 3 rabbits along the way, so I felt at one with nature, lol!

Next was the swim...I was going to run in my tri top and tri shorts and then just jog over to the pool after my run. I decided against that since I had nowhere to put my swim cap and goggles during my run. So, after my run I changed my sweaty self into a swimsuit and headed over to the pool.

There were still a few families there when I 1st arrived, but after a few laps I noticed people had begun to leave. (Maybe I scared them away???) That left just me, a couple of teenagers who were all lovey-dovey in the corner and a dad teaching his son how to swim. After a 100 yd warm up, I did my 300m just to see how well I could do the distance non-stop (since that's the distance of my next tri swim). Then, I did some drills, more laps and even more laps. It's exciting to me when I realize that I am doing a lot more laps in my 30 minutes than before. Yes, I am taking rest breaks between 50s and 100s, but it's getting easier. Yes, I am using the sidestroke as my "backup" stroke, but not as much as before. I am not panting at the wall after every 50 and only rarely do I get a mouth full of water...progress! It may be occurring in tiny baby steps, but it's progress! One thing I did notice was that I got a lot of foot cramps for some reason. Maybe because I ran before? I dunno, but that sorta sucked!

Workout Stats
3-mile run, 11:01 pace (outdoors)
1,200 yard swim

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